Land and Sea Part 1

NOTE: This is part 1 of 3. I will be working on the second part shortly and hope to have it available in a few days. Land and Sea Elias raised the spy glass to his eye, out across the water on the distant horizon he could spot the forest green island. The clear blue waters around it glinting in the sun. Not a hint of smoke, nor a single.. Read More

Poem # 2 : Lost Love

Lost Love \What would I give to have you at my side. Lost are the words, empty are my arms. Unspoken dreams long broken by time. Not even your image to hold at the back of my mind. Gone is the fated moment, you took the left, I followed right. Never will I hear your voice. Never will I feel your pulse. Never will I breathe your scent. Never will.. Read More

Poem #1

So I wrote this after watching something, an anime, or a tv show. Honestly don’t remember, though it could potentially fit a lot of angst ridden main characters. It’s a free style poem, please be kind. Poem#1 His eyes are like chains, His words are thorns, The kisses bittersweet His touch forlorn There is pain in his voice Betrayal in his shoulders A smile full of shadows A soul half.. Read More

Trinity City Part 2

I woke to the sound of whispers. My vision was blurry but I recognized Flint sitting beside my bed. It was the man next to him that made me smile, attempt to anyway. “Vin,” it came out more as a croak than a word but the man seemed to recognize it. He smiled and took a step around Flints chair so that he could sit on the edge of my.. Read More

Love and Hope

Her breath ghosted in the air, even as she knelt upon the cold stone floor. Torches, hung from iron posts lit the alter from either side, their gray smoke curling up towards the arched ceiling. Candles flickered, their flames dancing with shadows against the wall. Zara’s hands lay in her lap, her palms towards the sky. Tears, long since run dry, had left red trails down too pale cheeks. She.. Read More

Trinity City Part 1

It wasn’t quite what I had imagined when I agreed to this deal. Like everyone else in this city, I knew the city needed help. More than the greedy politicians and disillusioned cops could ever hope to offer. The city was thriving on the surface, but below, on the streets not walked by the patrols, there was a sickness. The sickness had spread outward, had taken hold in the worst,.. Read More


So NANO has taken over my life this November which is why I haven’t had any short stories posted.  I plan to post segments of my NANO story soon. I have some ideas for a series of short stories that I’ll be focusing on as soon as November ends. To my fellow NANO writers good luck! 🙂

TV Series : Bitter Blood a.k.a Partners by Blood

To my fellow anime lovers out there in the world, there is a live action Japanese TV series I seriously suggest you give a try. It’s called Partners by Blood  or Bitter Blood.  It’s only eleven episodes so don’t worry about loosing extraordinary amounts of time once you get sucked into it. It’s got some action, suspense, mystery and humor. Lots of humor, that had me continuously giggling if not out right.. Read More


“You’re sure you’ve got everything packed.” Alicia nods as she tapes up the last box. It’s just large enough to fit her six spiral notebooks, the thesaurus her mother had given her and the multitude of pens, pencils, highlighters and two reams of printer paper. “I left out my clothes for tomorrow, on my dresser, the rest are in the suitcase. Everything’s packed except my toothbrush and face wash which.. Read More

Bu Bu Jing Xin / Startling By Each Step Review

This isn’t a true review. I won’t be breaking down the episodes, characters or plot. This is more a reflection of what the series means to me, why I like it and the emotions it invokes. I will do my best not to reveal any spoilers or go into too much detail. I hope that others will watch and enjoy the show as much as I do.   A basic.. Read More